Organise Your Work - Task Manager


Enter tasks, collect relevant information, know who is doing what, where it's up to and when it's due.

→ Assign work to individuals or groups
→ Collaborate on tasks
→ Set due dates
→ Set reminders
→ Add tags to related tasks
→ Create a to do list
→ Collect custom data
→ Attach documents
→ Download Excel task lists

Collaborate With Your Team


Chat with multiple team members simultaneously.

→ Live chat in real time, or
→ Respond to messages when you're available
→ Share files
→ Link conversations with tasks
→ Have private or public conversations with one or more team members
→ Find previous conversations using search

Share And Manage Files - File Manager


Store, share and access files with virtual filing cabinets.

→ Go paperless - File management with File Boxes (virtual filing cabinets) to house files and folders
→ File Boxes can be private for selected individuals or public for your whole team
→ Share and send big files up to 50MB*. Send as many as needed and avoid the limitations of email
→ Copy, paste and move files between File Boxes as needed
→ Group related files together using tags
→ Store files and documents long term or have them auto delete after a desired amount of time
→ Expand your archive easily by increasing the storage quota as needed

* file size limits vary from plan to plan

Communicate With Stakeholders


Communicate within the one place.

→ Use the supplied email address, or
→ Setup and import from your own email addresses
→ Choose whether emails are private or open to everyone
→ Create search filters to find relevant messages

Collect What's Important


Design custom fields to capture the information you need.

→ Use custom fields on Tasks, People, and Organisation profiles