• Serendesk is our focus → we are dedicated to providing it to you, and supporting you using it
  • Ready to go in 5 minutes → start using it straight away
  • Simple signup process
  • Uncomplicated design and flexible interface
  • 100% Australian SAAS that is developed, located, owned, operated and supported here

Serendesk offers a 1 month Free Trial period for each available plan that we offer. No credit card is required. To start a free trial you will be required to complete the regular sign-up process (See FAQ section "What do I need to sign-up?" or the how to document here). A coupon with a discount of 100% will be applied to the shopping cart. There will be no charges or payment required.

You will be provided a software service identical to what is provided to you after a free trial period. Please also see the FAQ section "What happens after I sign-up?" for information about accessing your new service.

At the end of the trial period we will generate an invoice for renewal of your service. If you wish to continue using Serendesk after this period please pay the invoice and your service will continue on. If you do not wish to continue, either contact us or ignore the invoice.

When you sign-up to Serendesk you are purchasing a single software service with one login. You are given the option of adding extra logins to use for your staff (by purchasing extra login quota). The sign-up process only has to be completed once. Creating extra logins that are purchased for your staff is done within the Serendesk software. The number of logins you are able to create is limited by the quota that you purchase.

To sign-up to Serendesk you will need to choose a payment period suitable for you (usually monthly or yearly), a name for your service (we recommend using your business name), and the number of staff logins you require (one per staff member that will be using it). You will also be required to register an account with us to manage and receive billing related information and invoices. Your name, email address and basic contact details are required for this.

When you sign-up to Serendesk you are given your own software service within 5 minutes. You also purchase 'logins' which you can use to create user accounts for your staff members. After you complete the sign-up process, all the details you need to start using your new service are available in the 'Manage My Account' area of our website. At the end of the sign-up process you will already be logged in to this area and can access this information by clicking on the service to expand it. Otherwise, use the login details that you registered with us when signing up and go to the 'Manage My Account' link at the top of our webpage.

You will also be sent a service activation email containing this information. Normally this occurs after 5 minutes but may be delayed by the transmission of the email message to your account. We recommend accessing the 'Manage My Account' area straight after sign-up so you don't experience any delays.

Please wait until you receive the service activation email, or, at least 5 minutes after sign-up before visiting your new service URL.

Serendesk is designed to operate on desktop and laptop computers. An internet connection and a web browser supporting Adobe® Flash® Player (version 11.1 and greater) or equivalent flash player plugin is required. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome are supported on desktop and laptop computers. We recommend using the latest available version for best performance and security. Please check with Adobe® for the system requirements of Flash® Player.

Currently, small screens such as smart phones, tablets or screens of low resolution (less than 1366 x 768 pixels) may function but are not recommended for use with our software. Touch screen interaction with Serendesk is also not recommended and not currently fully supported.

Tablets and smart phones such as those based on Android, iPads, and iPhones do not support Flash applications natively and require installation of an app to run Serendesk. Puffin web browser is one example that some of our customers have had success with on iPads and Galaxy (Android) tablets. However, Puffin web browser is not fully supported by Serendesk and results may vary.

Yes, a very good alternative. A main feature of Serendesk is to convert email messages to tasks from multiple email accounts.

Serendesk will be a single place to view and receive email from multiple addresses (such as info@yourbusiness.com, admin@yourbusiness.com and support@yourbusiness.com together). It offers benefits including the ability to organise, tag, and search your work, and view reports to get an overview of what is going on in your business. Allocating tasks to individuals or groups of staff, and prioritising with due dates for your work can also be done.

Serendesk also allows sending large file attachments in email messages. Files are stored with your service and links to download the files are sent with the messages (rather than sending the file itself). This approach allows you to work around the small file attachment limits imposed by email providers. Serendesk allows files up to 50MB in size to be uploaded (please check your plan for file size limits).

Serendesk is suitable for individuals and small to medium businesses/organisations looking to log, track, collaborate, and allocate their work to staff, or provide support and receive questions and enquires from their customers on the outside or staff on the inside. For example, online stores, hotels, IT and technology, government organisations, not-for-profits, and even tradesman will benefit from our software.

Serendesk consists of a Flash® Player based application running in a web browser that communicates over the internet with a Serendesk web server. Serendesk also uses an email account to receive and temporarily store support requests before they are imported into the system. Email accounts of your own can also be added and used in Serendesk.

Currently payment can be made by PayPal.

Simply navigate to the web address/URL of your service (eg. https://yourbusiness.app.serendesk.com.au). We provide you with this address after sign-up.

Your data is stored on our private servers in Sydney. They are housed in a secure data centre and are completely dedicated to providing Serendesk to our customers.

We also utilise a major Australian hosting company to temporarily send and receive email for the default email channel that we provide for you with your new service.

All communication with our servers and chosen email provider uses SSL encryption.

No. Serendesk is software-as-a-service (SAAS). Your plan fee is all inclusive of backups and maintenance. We will look after everything for you, including Serendesk software updates.

We offer technical, troubleshooting, and general user support, including any questions about how to use our software. You can contact us either by phone or email.

No. Your customers can send requests to your service simply by sending an email to the email address that we provide for you, or, to your own email accounts that you have setup to use. Task comments can also be received from your customers when they reply to an email that your service sends out. If you wish, you may also enter requests and comments manually on behalf of your customers.