Feature Comparison

Basic Business Business Plus+
File attachments and online storage
Included online storage for file attachments 10GB 50GB 200GB
File attachment size/limit 10MB 25MB 50MB
Maximum online storage available for upgrade 50GB 500GB Unlimited
Store files for internal access only
Store files for public access and share links externally
Message and task file attachments
Staff file attachments
Stakeholder/customer file attachments
Organisation file attachments

Staff and Stakeholders/Customers
Included user logins 1 1 1
Maximum permitted user logins (extra logins can be purchased for each of your staff) 3 20 Unlimited
Staff profiles 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Stakeholder/customer profiles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Groups 5 20 Unlimited
Organisations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Store stakeholder/customer/staff details and contact info
Custom fields
Tags on people and organisations
Export stakeholder/customer list to spreadsheet (Excel/CSV)

Work Allocation
Allocate work to groups
Allocate work to individuals
Set due dates for tasks
Due date reminders
Prioritise your work

Number of tasks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Task notes
Task conversations (private and public)
Basic task search
Bookmark tasks
Multiple stakeholders/customers/staff on the same task
Custom fields
To do lists
Advanced task search
Bulk edit tasks
Export task list to spreadsheet (Excel/CSV)
Custom task statuses
Real time reporting

User Interface and Software Features
Work on mutliple tasks simultaneously
Drag and drop requests between tasks
Spell check while you type
User collision detection
Initiate outbound conversations via email with stakeholders/customers
Staff live chat

Email and Notifications
Email channels 1 5 Unlimited
Automatic email to tasks
Optional queuing of incoming email messages
Email blacklist (inbound and outbound)
Automatic email notifications
Custom notification messages
Custom notification rules 10 50

Custom logos
Custom domains 1 Unlimited
Remove Serendesk footer

Timezones and Localisation
Personalised locales
Personalised timezones

SSL security
Custom role based security and access levels
Restrict login by IP address

Support and Services
24/7 Support*
Daily backups and maintenance provided
24/7 online access
Free software updates
* Includes phone and email support during business hours and 24/7 support for urgent service disruptions. Please see our terms and conditions for details.