Serendesk provides a virtual workspace for businesses and organisations in Australia.


What We Offer

100% Australian

Serendesk is a 100% owned, located and operated Australian business. Serendesk data is stored on our private servers in Australia. Our servers are completely owned, operated and managed by us and 100% dedicated to providing our platform to our customers. All of our work, including design, software development, and customer support, is undertaken locally within Australia.

Predictable Australian pricing

We are an Australian business and invoice in $AUD, providing local businesses and organisations predictable and consistent pricing (allowing you to budget more accurately).

Avoid the burden of supporting an entire software platform yourself

Serendesk is software as a service (SAAS). Plan pricing includes user support, troubleshooting, configuration support, database backups and software updates. Backend server hardware is also taken care of by us. All you need to do is sign up and use it! (starting at $5 AUD per month per user)

Genuine local support when you need it

Frustration is common when attempting to receive software support. Serendesk aims to provide customer service that leaves you feeling that your problem has been taken seriously. For all Serendesk plans, support is provided to you, by us, entirely in Australia.

Helpful features, simplicity, and the right fit for you

We have listened to a range of business and organisational needs and have responded through our software. Serendesk is designed to offer only the most important features to get the job done and prevent frustration and unnecessary complexity. Our platform is shaped around meeting the needs of small to medium sized businesses and organisations.

Our Motivation

At Serendesk our hope is to be different in a good way. We aim to inspire Australian businesses and organisations to consider Australian software solutions. Our goal is to be providers of software that promotes wellbeing in organisations and business knowing that wellbeing flows through into Australian Communities.

Our Vision

To see organisations and small to medium sized businesses thriving in Australia.



Our Core Values

We strive to provide quality in all forms within our software, service and within our team. about

Being honest is something we take very seriously. We believe that being real is important whether you're an individual, business or large corporation. It is this truth that allows reliability and trust. about

It is our upmost value to care because we want to be a part of the change that we wish to see in the world. about


"We can now communicate easily within our team without interrupting each other with phone calls or clogging each other's email inbox."



"We signed up mainly for the file manager feature as it was hard to find something that is offered locally in Australia. We literally have 20 file boxes in Serendesk that replace our 20 filing cabinets we once had stored in our office."



"It was very easy getting started. There's no need to roll out new IT hardware or servers. We signed up for a free trial which gave us a month to see if it was the right fit for us. Recommended."



"With Serendesk I've found that instead of having 15 things floating around in my mind at the end of the day I can enter them as tasks and properly switch off at knock-off time knowing that they will be there tomorrow."



"Our organisation constantly interacts with clients via email and phone. One of our main issues was having to clear our email inboxes when we reached our storage limit. We struggled to find a way to keep a permanent record. Sometimes we were taking hours to find an archived email when we needed it. Serendesk has allowed us to store all of client interactions and easily search them later. Mostly they take seconds to find now."



"Serendesk has made me one happy manager. I can easily send requests for work to my employees, quickly create and allocate tasks during meetings, instantly see progress on work, and I'm notified when a task I have allocated is completed. I could do none of this before. I can also run reports to see our activity over the year and more easily determine if we are meeting kpi's."



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