Health Asset Management System

A platform to help you efficiently manage your health assets

Streamline the accreditation, staff and stock management processes for health businesses with complex health asset management needs


Everything you need to know about our system and our service.

Our Health Asset Management System is a cloud based platform designed to help organisations with quality asset management.

The system helps to integrate the requirements of the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS), and other accreditation frameworks, into routine practice.

Spend less time and be more confident you have the evidence required when the time comes for accreditation renewal.

Our services include data entry, training, and support. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment options available.

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Real benefits for you, your staff, and your organisation.

Quality asset management - A system to dynamically manage and document key requirements of accreditation frameworks such as the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS). Dynamic management improves outcomes and helps avoid the last-minute accreditation rush.

Manage the complexity of high value health assets - No need to make compromises or navigate through features you don't need. We are listening to the needs of the sector.

Save time - Spend less time gathering and organising information.

Reduce costs - Reduce administrative and managerial overheads associated with documentation and asset management. Get ahead of key contract negotiation and access data to support optimised capital allocation. Extend asset life-cycle through optimal management.

Increase confidence - Be confident knowing your information is well organised and that alerts will be sent to you when anything needs attention.

Increase clarity - A clear, organised and searchable database that makes the important details obvious to you. Know when something expires and know who is assigned to manage it.

Access anywhere - A single place to login and find something. Access anywhere, any time, on any device.

Supporting sustainability - Extend asset life through optimal management throughout the asset life-cycle.

Dashboards → Quickly view what needs attention


What our Customer's Say

Positive feedback from customers in stand-alone hospitals, to Local Health District wide installations.

Director of Radiology
Western NSW Medical Imaging

"Serendesk’s radiology management tool has proved beneficial in streamlining our approach towards DIAS accreditation. Having a simple and intuitive management system consistent across our whole business ensures nothing gets overlooked. The system generated reminders regarding staff certifications and asset service contracts and compliance certifications ensures nothing slips through the cracks."

Chief Radiographer
Illawarra Shoalhaven Medical Imaging

"Sensational. There's no better way to manage this information. A real time-saver."

Modality Senior – General Radiography / Medical Imaging Clinical Educator
Illawarra Shoalhaven Medical Imaging

"I love the new messaging system. It is so much more efficient for me to send SMS to the staff, than spend time going through the roster and calling people. They are very responsive – someone always gets back to me immediately. Many staff have commented to me on how 'fair and efficient' the messaging system is. It is definitely working for our department."

Avoid the call-around → Bulk SMS and email messages can save time on any scenario

Monday morning summary

Key Features

Everything you need to ensure your organisation stays fit for practice. Keep your records accurate, accessible and up-to-date, all in one place.

Certification management

Manage certifications and their renewals, and receive alerts when approaching expiration (AHPRA registrations, EPA radiation licenses, EPA compliance certificates, ASAR registrations, LSPN's, Drivers Licences, and custom types).

Stock tracking

Track stock levels for consumable clinical items such as Stents, Guidewires and Contrast media, and receive alerts when stock levels are low and require re-ordering.

Contract management

Manage contracts of different types and receive alerts when approaching their end date (Warranties, Leases, Service, Support, Reporting contracts, and custom types).

Asset management

Manage health assets, their documentation, and their service records. Receive alerts when approaching end-of-life dates.

Send Bulk SMS/Email alerts

Type a single SMS/Email message and send to hundreds of staff in your organisation by site, by role, or by skill (e.g. when experiencing PACS issues).

Leave request calendar

Have staff submit leave requests and setup automated rules to limit leave availability (e.g. 2 on leave with MRI skills at the same time).

Self-service Staff portal

Allow staff to upload a copy of their certification renewals themselves and save you from having to seek them out. Renewal links are automatically sent to staff via SMS/email when they are due.


Stay up-to-date with automatic email and SMS notifications that alert you of important events (e.g. when certifications or contracts expire).

Assign responsibility

Assign items by site/department or individually to suit staff roles.


No need to go hunting for data; just view the dashboard to see if anything needs your attention including when contracts complete, assets approach end-of-life, and when certifications expire.

Monday morning dashboard summary sent directly to you via email or SMS

Monday morning summary

Flexible, Accessible and Secure

A secure, modern, and professional software platform built for the needs of the health care sector.

24/7 Local Support

Fully supported with online and onsite training and support available. 100% Australian based software development and support.


We take security seriously and are committed to running a secure, reliable, and available platform. We use many industry best practices including secure Unix based servers and SSL encryption for all network traffic.

Easy to Use, Simple Design

A clean, easy to use interface that is designed for simplicity. Only store the information you need.

Multi-Device Support

Access your data anywhere, anytime. No software or app installation required. Runs in your web browser on desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile devices.


Customise to you needs; custom notifications, licence/registration types, contract types, leave types, and asset types. Add custom fields to record the information relevant to you.

Cloud Hosted

Use our software from a hosted version in the cloud, saving the hassle to manage your own servers.

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