A single workspace for all your team's work and communication
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Realise the benefits of having your team work and communicate in a single shared environment

Serendesk is a tool to help you reach a new level of efficiency, organisation and communication.
It is a simple and flexible online software platform that is hosted and supported for you, by us.


Track what's important

Use tasks to log your team's work and create custom fields so the software can record the data specific to you. Import external email from customers and convert them automatically into conversations and tasks.


Use email less and never lose a message again. Have live internal discussions, share files with each other, and communicate with staff or customers right along side tasks (where they naturally belong).

Gain insight

Easily view who is doing what and where it's up to. Stay informed by viewing reports and automatically getting notified when something is completed. Keep your tasks and conversations forever and easily find them later when you need them.

Why use Serendesk

Needing flexibility for a unique scenario

We believe that software needs to flex to meet business's needs, not the other way around. Serendesk offers a rare blend of simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to use our platform in multiple ways such as a replacement for email when communicating, as help desk software or customer support software for supporting customers and staff, to keep track of projects easily, and as a simple task log to record what is being worked on daily.

Feeling disorganised and worried it may show through to your customers

When using Serendesk you don't need to be concerned. It provides a single space where you can find task related info as you need it. It is always available, easily searchable, and the same information is accessible to everyone in your team. Serendesk will also send you relevant alerts in case anything changes.

Needing more insight into what tasks your team undertakes

Email does not usually provide an overview of what is going on and sometimes you have no record of related tasks that are undertaken. Serendesk offers an easy way to log tasks manually or to convert email into tasks automatically. It allows looking up who is assigned to work on what, and whether the task is in progress or completed. Tags can be used to group similar items and quick search filters can be applied to find them easily later. Insightful reports are available to give you a clear look at your business's activity.

Looking for a better approach than email to track and collaborate within your team

Reduce personal emails and keep communication side-by-side with tasks. Avoid having tasks or discussion spread across multiple inboxes and never lose any relevant messages. Have your team working and communicating all in the same place and relax knowing you can find what you need, even if it's many years old.

Would like to respond to customers and work on tasks in the same place

Repond to your customers within Serendesk and avoid the need to switch between software. Serendesk automatically imports email from customers and converts your task comments into email replies. Delight in the time you save with this information sitting naturally together.

What we offer

Predictable Australian pricing

We are an Australian business and use $AUD, providing local businesses predictable and consistent pricing on every invoice (allowing you to budget more accurately).

Avoid the burden of supporting an entire software platform yourself

Serendesk is software as a service (SAAS). Plan pricing includes user support, troubleshooting, configuration support, database backups and software updates. Backend server hardware is also taken care of by us. All you need to do is use it! (starting at $5 AUD per month per user)

Genuine local support when you need it

Frustration is common when attempting to receive software support. Serendesk aims to provide customer service that leaves you feeling that your problem has been taken seriously. For all Serendesk plans, support is provided to you, by us, entirely in Australia.

Helpful features

We have listened to a range of business needs and have responded through our software. Useful features such as task allocation, live chat, live reporting, and file attachments larger than standard email can provide are some of the things our platform offers.

Simplicity and the right fit for you

Serendesk is designed to offer only the most important software features to get the job done and prevent frustration and unnecessary complexity. Our platform is shaped around meeting the needs of small to medium sized businesses.